We offer a comprehensive range of IT and computer services to find the best technology solution for your business.


Bundy & Associates provides affordable, reliable, expert-level IT and computer services designed especially for the information technology needs of businesses in the Midwest.

With our extensive knowledge, we can provide the guidance, consultation and implementation for all your IT solutions in a single place, no matter how big or small. Talk through your goals with us and let us put together a customized recommendation for your business infrastructure.


Voice over IP Telephone Services

There is a new way to do phone service and it could save you a lot of money.

The advent of high speed internet has made it possible to do phone calls over the internet. This is called Voice over IP telephone services (or VOIP).
We’ve implemented VoIP for many customers and they have saved as much as 50%.

For over 100 years, phone calls were conducted over closed wire circuits, and a piece of hardware called a PBX brought calls into offices and routed them to the recipients.

We can now do away with the PBX hardware by installing PBX software on a server at a fraction of the price. There are many very good versions of this software which are Open Source - Free!
Plus, many low cost phone carriers are available that do not require long term contracts and are available at cheaper rates.

  • The old legacy way to do phone service:
  • Proprietary hardware and software from a telecom vendor.
  • Complicated long term contracts locking you in.
  • Rates from various carriers based on set monthly fee.
  • Minimum charges apply no matter how many calls you make.
  • Often required complicated hardware installation.
  • The new VoIP paradigm:
  • Easy to use Free Open Source PBX software running on your server or a cloud server.
  • No long term contracts on hardware or phone service.
  • Low cost phone carriers that charge on a per minute used basis.
  • Significant Savings!
  • And we’ll get it installed fast!

We are phone consultants with many years of experience who can help you decide if VoIP is right for you. There is an excellent chance we can save you money on phone costs.

We are true consultants that charge only for our expertise; we don't sell systems or phone services, only knowledge. And the first consultation is Free!

You have nothing to lose and maybe much to gain. So give Jared Busch a call now at 636.441.3926 x103.

The phone system solution that Jared uses is an excellent choice. His technical expertise is outstanding. I would highly recommend him as a VoIP consultant.

Dave Bundy (retired)
Senior Manager, Telecommunications, AB Inbev

IT & Network Support You Can Trust

Networking issues... Computer management mishaps... Connectivity failures... Need telephone systems, or need new computer equipment? Whatever your tech issue or problem is, we’ll solve it.

At Bundy & Associates, we have the experience to see the big picture. Your time is your money, and when your IT technology fails, that can immediately impact business in negative ways. A modern key for success is having a trusted, reliable IT support team available when you need them.

Through network monitoring, solution management and system maintenance, we deliver a comprehensive service that can help to detect and prevent IT systems failure, before such break-downs negatively impacts your business.

Reduce your risk by partnering with an IT solutions team that is dependable and determined to set you up for success. With our customized IT solutions, you will not only enjoy increased productivity, but peace of mind.


Are your IT systems getting the job done?

IT includes websites, business intelligence, networking, phones, software and Apps. Are all of your systems working together?

Website Design & Development

We offer modern, custom designed, responsive and mobile-first websites, developed and built with your business goals and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

55% of visitors spend less than 10 seconds on a website -- how does your website measure up?
Nearly 40% of users browse websites on portable devices. However, most websites don't work on mobile devices.
We've been in business over 30 years, and having an online presence means more today than ever. We build responsive, mobile-first, websites that automatically adjust and resize to display on any size screen or device -- whether it's a cellphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer.

Your website is your online business hub. A website with a crisp modern design, built for the best user experience and lead generation, is key to online marketing success.

Bundy & Associates works with all sizes of businesses. We'll evaluate your business objectives and then have our team of experts design a custom website that achieves your business goals. Whether your website needs a refresh or a complete overhaul, we have the capabilities to help address content management, mobile optimization, e-commerce, User Experience (UX), interface design and more.

Let us ensure your website is:

  • Meeting your objectives
  • Optimized for your customers
  • Safe from Cyber Attacks and Security Hacks
  • Properly updated and maintained
  • Functioning effectively
  • Positioning you to make money!



Customized Software Development

Custom software and Apps written specifically for the way you do business will help automate work-flow and cut costs.

Sometimes your business may need a custom solution. Our solutions take your goals into account to automate, cuts cost and provide accurate information.

Besides personalized software development, another IT solution we offer for your business include, amongst other, database solutions, database reporting, accounting, inventory management, e-commerce, etc.

Sourcing a trusted provider to build custom Apps and software can be challenging. Bundy & Associates has been developing custom software solutions that have been in use effectively by customers for over 30 years. Navigate to our Customers page to see how we are helping our businesses partners succeed.



Timely Business Intelligence

Make sense of your data. Use your data and analytics to its full potential, allowing you to make more informed, efficient business decisions.

The term Business Intelligence (BI) represents the systems and tools that play key roles in strategic planning processes of organizations. These systems allow companies to gather, store, access and analyze corporate data to aid in decision-making. Our skilled development team is highly practiced at extracting and delivering the data our clients need to ensure business success.

What BI can do for your business:

  • Customer profiling
  • Customer support
  • Market research
  • Market segmentation
  • Product profitability
  • Statistical analysis
  • Inventory and distribution analysis
  • Many more that are unique to your own business goals

Let our trusted professionals analyze, design, develop, and document BI solutions based on your company standards and best practices. We can analyze, diagnose, and resolve reporting and data issues. Bundy & Associates is here for you, to build and share knowledge, ensuring consistent delivery of information and recommending process improvement ideas based on availability of new technology.